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Surrounding chaos
Unseen revers'd battlefield.
Choose to not come home.
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Hedgehog Baby by Ebircs Hedgehog Baby :iconebircs:Ebircs 1 6 Not the time to say it... by Ebircs Not the time to say it... :iconebircs:Ebircs 3 20 80 Days by Ebircs 80 Days :iconebircs:Ebircs 1 2
Satting in Peaceful Havoc
Concentration is a fickle thing. Even as the paper hurled expletives in the forms of quadratic grammar and antonyms of x, I was listening to the bard near my earlobe, on the pirate’s booty that speared me.  Oh, as he sang, the beat-boxing lute was fanfared about, perfectly piano with his high-pitched bass hymn. My fingers made crotchets, yet to be skewered, which danced on the same intervals of less crucial semibreves in a draft symphony.
A female voice burst into a new melody, one that was carefully shocked into my ears from a small black box. And in this cacophony, I found my mind more focused, like a complete jigsaw puzzle. A mechanical one, probably, or a feline one, for it whirred and purred contently.
I heard your voice too. High and nervous, tweaked by the wrench of nationality and broken momentarily by what sounded like sniffles. Your words (the ones who trickled out rather than tumbled) rang clearer than the orange blinker on the screen. At least you blot
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When He's Lost At Sea
He had tried. Really he did. But she retracted her hand from his easily in her fright. He knew he was only holding it by the fingertips, but he was sure that, by now, he would have been able to be there when she needed it. Yet she pulled away from him, breaking the connection and leaving her inconsolable, at least to him.
Never before had he felt like such a stranger in his own home, to his own family than he did now. The two sisters sat sobbing together and he was just an outline near the door, casting another shadow like the armoire or the table. He didn’t dare move, though he wished he could. But not was a dangerous time to show how badly his insides were wrenching.
It wasn’t his hands that ran through her hair and brushed tears off pale cheeks. He wasn’t family to her, really. However, he was so close to it. His blood, her blood, their breaths of life were so close to becoming the tangible fusion of hearts and bodies that would have represented all that they were. Bu
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Singing Puppet
I had never noticed before
But there’s something romantic about a cello player
The perambulating sound
Following a broken but gentle score
Has anyone ever told you
That there’s something romantic about a cello player?
Its inconsistent presence
Appearing only whenever it needs to
This you may never have seen
Still there’s something romantic about a cello player
His arms embracing and warm
And how her curved body would gleam
Just like a first kiss
There’s something romantic about a cello player
The innocence of music
Crossed with the beauty of bliss
Maybe only I see
That there’s something romantic about a cello player
That his song, low and resounding
Sings only to the ears that belong to me
And maybe he doesn’t show
That something that’s romantic about a cello player
He’s the artist, the painter
The colour and beauty is his song
So maybe we can say
That instead there’s something romantic about the cello
Who sings her heart like a lonely siren
:iconebircs:Ebircs 2 10
Fingers rested on her eyelids and slowly moved her lids closed as his moved in perfect synchronisation. She sat in his arms, sleeping. There was silence because the crowd remained shiftless, too caught in their own thoughts. He didn’t care. He had something to say.
“I’m sorry I was a coward…” The gathered turned their heads and opened their eyes. “I was so afraid… too… daunted by the idea of stealing from you your immortality.” His hand ran through her dark hair, it was as if she were just listening to him. “But she would have been beautiful, right? A…” he smiled “…little heartbreaker just like we always said… best of both our worlds.” He paused “you did want a daughter, right? I think you did. I know I’d have loved a little daughter.”
He let out a long sigh before continuing, “She could have been blonde or brunette, I don’t care. But we used to fight over what colour eyes she’
:iconebircs:Ebircs 3 7
Xemira's Tarot - The Magician by Ebircs Xemira's Tarot - The Magician :iconebircs:Ebircs 0 9 The Nurse is -IN- by Ebircs The Nurse is -IN- :iconebircs:Ebircs 0 24 Five of Cups - Sagittarius by Ebircs Five of Cups - Sagittarius :iconebircs:Ebircs 0 16
He leaned over the cardboard box of memories. Frail, patched hands shivered towards letters and scraps. Broken toys, decorations, faded photographs. Shaped fingernails scraped over dust and fragments.
The box looked out of place. Dull against the shimmering, icy marble below it. Its crumpled shape, like that of an old tree trunk, stood lonely in the vast salt lakes. The top was open, its contents having their own light to the old man who gripped the box’s sagging sides. The blinding floors, the whitewashed walls, golden decorations and plush curtains, it meant nothing. Not as much as the few battered fragments of life in the box.
His hair was receding and a shining grey and poking through them were two, faded red horns, cracked and shrunk in time. His knees rested against the frozen floor, he felt nothing. His mind elsewhere, lost in lost memories.
His shoulders had long lost its vain stand, his back painful and arched. The clouded green eyes looked over at a small brown photo fra
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Zeckrest's Tarot - 9 of Coins by Ebircs Zeckrest's Tarot - 9 of Coins :iconebircs:Ebircs 0 11
Apocalypse 4: Corpse
A zombie shifted from the muck of civilisation. Crawling, writhing, contorting itself from the earthen grave. The movements forced by nothing man could explain. It was the last strand of life the moved and twitched, every spasm bringing it to freedom. Flesh that seemed rotten, strings holding what seemed like a body together.
The air was nothing that its lungs could cope with. It was not air, but dust, sand and stone, thrown up from the withered and broken crust.
Yet there was a mind, working with the organs of the body to force this mutated creature to survive. With sounds lost in the dense atmosphere, the creature that was once a man, once a noble, once a prince, released itself from the prison of his own homeworld. And there, in the remains, he lay, bleeding, broken and almost dismembered. A frightening image, a frightening thought and a frightening reminder of what had happened.
Bony fingers parted and the mind preformed a well practised skill. The lands were still radiating energy
:iconebircs:Ebircs 1 13
Apocalypse 3: Struck Down
Now in the grit and ruin that was once a house of worship, Datairyn struggled to pull his body away from the rubble that pierced his skin and drew blood from what felt like every inch of his body; killing him slowly. His hand landed in a pool of liquid. He could not see it, yet from the viscosity and the smell of what were once bodily fluids, his senses told him this was once human, once a follower.
His smooth, stained and battered visage now contorted into a look of utmost disgust and rage. It took him little strength to bring him to his feet now. His voice called out “So there IS a God!” he roared uncontrollably “none other can cause this chaos! Then where are you?! Strike me down, cowards! Or your immortal son shall hunt his fathers until the ends of time!” His lip curled in an animalistic snarl “Strike me… or your incompetence shall be your undoing.”
Fuelled by his rage, his challenge, he stood sturdily and listened to the hellfire rain toward him
:iconebircs:Ebircs 1 2
Struck by an unknown hand
Docile and
    still as he breathes
We can feel it
Every breath
  Every dream
In his mind
Oh mind
                                                                              Filled, brimming with
:iconebircs:Ebircs 1 11


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United States
Current Residence: Bahrain/California, USA
Favourite genre of music: pop, rock, a bit of heavy metal...TRANCE!!!
Operating System: PC!!!!
MP3 player of choice: iPod :3 I've got a 2nd gen nano
Wallpaper of choice: Dragons X3
Favourite cartoon character: A lot of them, once I start, i won't stop...
Personal Quote: You wouldn't recognise a _____ if it hit you in the face and burrowed up your nose!
  • Playing: WoW
  • Eating: pocky sticks
So yeah, haven't been here in ages, but just for fun, I thought I'd update.

So I'm in university now :) University California Berkeley and intended major is BUSINESS. Damn the Haas School of Business, it's madness to get into. But I wish me luck XP

I've been at uni for like 5 weeks now? Or 4? And I'm going kayaking day after tomorrow! So excited :D

Just a quicky update.




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